Zinc Whiskering

Zinc whiskering happens when certain electro-plated
zinc based coatings are used under the access floor.
The zinc in the coating gradually forms zinc particles.
These particles can become airborne and cause your
systems to short circuit. There is a wealth of articles
and information available regarding this growing
phenomenon in the data center environment.


ASM chrome nickel plated head and nuts

Pedestal head and adjusting nut are
completely chrome nickel plated.

ASM chrome nickel plated head and adjusting nut

Zinc Whiskers Growing on Raised-Floor
Tiles are Causing Conductive
Failures and Equipment Shutdowns

By Robert F. "Dr. Bob" Sullivan, Ph.D.

ASM guarantees no
Zinc Whiskers

ASM has extended cleanroom technology to the data
center by using nickel chrome plating on critical parts.
Only ASM understands how important it is to
eliminate the zinc whisker concern, and it is the only
company to nickel plate the stud and nut. All other
companies use the standard zinc finish on the stud
and nut OR no finish at all which invites rust.

Only ASM guarantees no zinc whiskers. Be sure to
clearly specify a zinc-free or hot dipped finish on all
underfloor components, especially the adjusting
stud and nut.


Pedestal bases are hot
dipped galvanized.
ASM Pedestal base hot dipped galvanized

The fastest growing raised access floor company in North America.

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