What is UFAD?

Under Floor Air Distribution Systems

The optimal delivery of clean and conditioned air into the workspace is under the floor, delivered by a system of components so flexible it can be rearranged or added in minutes. UFAD is a key element in the design of sustainable office facilities, underfloor air distribution (UFAD) systems provide LEED opportunities for their ventilation effectiveness, use of materials, and controllability. They enable facilities to maintain comfortable temperatures and ensure high indoor air quality for occupants, while reducing the costs of distributing power and data cabling.

It can reduce the overall energy consumption of a building by up to 20%. Natural convection currents reduce fan energy use by upwards of 32%, and reduce cooling energy expenditures by 15%.


UFAD “Comfort Zone” air delivery system uses raised access floor and temperature controlled zone air diffusers and grilles for ultimate air quality and comfort.

ESW delivers fresh, clean
and conditioned air with
minimum mixing and
maximum efficiency. ESW’s
underfloor HVAC allows for
superior air quality, personal
occupant comfort, all while
lowering operating costs.

Without costly ductwork to
dismantle or replace during
the reconfiguration of a
workspace, underfloor HVAC
offers unprecedented
flexibility. Air outlets are very
simple to relocate.

ESW’s 100 CFM SmartAir
Diffuser comes with
temperature controlled
actuator for ultimate personal
climate control.

Variable air volume terminals
help avoid the common
problem of puddling of cold
air in the low load areas of

    ●   Save up to 20% in energy
         costs versus overhead HVAC
         VAV systems

    ●   Convection and air
         displacement stratify stale
         air at ceiling level resulting
         in a healthier work place

    ●   Better thermostatic
         regulation of temperature for
         better comfort control

    ●   Fresh air displaces stale air

    ●   Ventilation is 150% more
         effective than with conventional
         HVAC VAV systems

    ●   It requires over 40% less fan
         energy to deliver 65°F air via
         ASM’s ESW plenum

    ●   Improved Indoor Air Quality in
         the occupant breathing zone

    ●   Efficient use of partially
         reheated bypass air

    ●   Stratifies excess heat and
         pollutants more effectively

    ●   Varying air volume supplies
         only enough air to meet
         occupant comfort, thereby
         reducing fan energy

    ●   Low pressure plenum requires
         less energy to power fan

    ●   Diversity of the cooling load of
         building means air handling
         units and chillers can be


The fastest growing raised access floor company in North America.

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