ASM Floor Finishes
Brochure (13 MB pdf)

VPT - Vinyl Plastic Technologies


  • VPT uses a process to ensure the conductive elements are distributed
    evenly through the entire tile thickness. This, along with the finest materials,
    ensures a lifetime of consistent conductivity regardless of wear.

  • VPT carries a lifetime conductivity warranty.

  • VPT has a superior polished finish that does not require special treatments
    or waxes to maintain conductivity or appearance.

  • VPT is a homogenous material, which means that the pattern on top runs all the way through. So no matter how much wear it gets, the pattern will always be there.


  VPT is resistant to very
   strong chemicals

      ●   acids

      ●   strong alkalis
      ●   alcohols

      ●   aromatic solvents

      ●   aliphatic solvents

The fastest growing raised access floor company in North America.

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