ASM Office Space
Brochure (4 MB pdf)


Quick-Loc Support System

The One And Only Dual Support System!


Dual Support Technology

The Quick Loc Pedestal (patent pending) is the only pedestal that supports the panel on both the flange and the beam. This design transfers the load to the center axis of the pedestal where it is supported by the vertical shaft of the pedestal. The load is transferred directly down the center of the pedestal column. This eliminates rocking which can happen when a standard flat head pedestal supports the beam of the panel. 



●   Solid and Quiet

●   3" and Up in Floor Height

●   Designed to be the Best

Support At Its Best



  Used in the following Applications

   ●   Office Spaces

   ●   Classrooms

   ●   Casinos

   ●   Call Centers


The fastest growing raised access floor company in North America.

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