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August 2009

Illinois Petascale Computing Facility Overview

■ 88,000 square feet total space. The two-story building’s footprint will be just shy of the size of a European
football field.

■ 20,000-square-foot machine room with 6-foot raised floor. This will be large enough to house Blue Waters (and any follow‑on system) and other compute, archive storage, and internal infrastructure systems.

■ Command center, system administration center, and office space for 40 staff.

■ 24 megawatt electrical capacity. This power will accommodate Blue Waters, other systems, and future growth.

■ 5,400 tons of water cooling capacity from the University’s chilled water distribution loop.

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July 2009

ASM and Computer Floors, Inc. take part in Skanska H.Q in The Empire State Building NYC
achieving LEED Platinum.

Construction Manager Skanska Achieves Platinum Certification For its Own New Offices in the
Empire State Building
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New panel press release

Break through for the Access Flooring Industry:

ASM is proud to announce a break through in our steel panel design, allowing the creation of the first 3000lb cementitious filled steel panel.  We have engineered the new cementitious filled steel panel to support a 3000lb design load with rolling loads in excess of 2500lbs when tested per CISCA.  Data centers and manufacturing facilities  now have an affordable option to address the ever increasing equipment loads being placed on the access floor.  Please contact an ASM representative at 843-534-1110 for testing data and product samples.  ASM, leading our industry in system solutions while providing piece of mind for our customers. 


Data Centers are bright spot in tough market

Clifton Data Center Friday, April 24, 2009

A new tenant in an office building in Clifton officially
opened its new digs with a bit of fanfare Thursday -
rare these days as businesses cut back, lay off
workers and even vacate real estate.

Telx, a New York-based provider of facilities for other companies' servers and data-center needs, hosted a
morning conference for the data-center industry in the
seven-story building at 100 Delawanna Ave. , which it                 Carlstadt, Clifton sites point to industry's growth in N.J.
moved into late last year.

The event drew about 200 attendees from businesses that stand to make money from data centers, which have been appearing around New Jersey in recent years.

"We see this as a growth industry in New Jersey ," said Gregory Dunlap, a director for large customer support and area development for Public Service Electric and Gas Co., who spoke at the event.

The utility works with data centers because they use so much power.

The state has about 6 million square feet of data centers, according to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. Many of the facilities host back-up and data-processing centers for businesses in various industries, government agencies and some of the biggest names on Wall Street, though some companies often wish to keep information about their centers secret.

Among companies with data centers in North Jersey are banking giant JPMorgan Chase & Co., which has a facility in Carlstadt, and Switch & Data, which has a facility in North Bergen , according to the Economic Development Authority. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is expanding an existing center in Carteret and building a facility in Bridgewater , and Cervalis LLC recently struck a leasing deal for a data center in Totowa.

Another huge data center - nearly 400,000 square feet - is under construction in Mahwah. There are at least six data centers "in the pipeline" at various stages around the state, said Jerry Zaro, head of the state's Office of Economic Growth.

The state stands to benefit in coming years, attendees said, as financial firms put data centers close to their New York headquarters. Land is cheaper in New Jersey , and the state's proximity to Manhattan cuts down on "latency," or time delays in transmissions between computer networks, and allows employees to travel back and forth.

"It's going to be a little Silicon Valley in the Northeast," said Jim Embley, president of Fortress International Group Inc., which provides consulting, engineering and construction management for data centers.

The industry, Zaro said, has a "major presence" in New Jersey , and adds jobs in construction and development, though the centers themselves, when up and running, don't require many people.

"It dispels the myth that New Jersey is somehow hostile to business," Zaro said.

For what it's worth, the Clifton building was teeming Thursday with business people looking to get a piece of the profits to be made.

PSE&G, for example, is capitalizing on the demand for electricity needed to power the large air conditioners that cool computer equipment housed in data centers. Providers of computer servicers, fiber-optic cables and software were on hand as well to discuss how the industry and technology are evolving.

"We're the pharma capital of the world. We're probably the biotech capital," Zaro said. "Suddenly we're becoming the data-center capital," Zaro said in an interview Thursday.



The fastest growing raised access floor company in North America.

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