ASM Raised Access Floor System: MC-Series

MC125 Metal Clad Woodcore Systems


The ASM MC125 Panel is constructed of a high
density composite core encased in a sheet metal shell. The MC Systems offer high performance
characteristics in a fair valued product. Its solid
feel and light weight offers an economical solution
to your access floor needs.

Ultimate Load Capacity

The point of failure or collapse is the single most
important indicator of performance. Be sure to
look at ultimate load when selecting an access
floor panel for your application.


●   Class A Flame Spread Rating

●   Internally Grounded

●   Light Weight

●   Quiet

MC125-Series Performance Guide

Ultimate Load

lb.              (kN)
Concentrated Load

lb.              (kN)
Impact Load

lb.              (kN)
Rolling Load
lb.              (kN)
Rolling Load
lb.              (kN)

Notes: ASM Products are tested by a certified United States testing company. Certified test reports in accordance to CISCA test procedures are available upon request.

  Used in the following Applications

      ●   Computer Room
           In addition to its light weight, a strong
           ultimate load capacity makes this a favorite
            for computer rooms.

      ●   General Office
           The woodcore panel's solid feel is quiet yet
           economical. An excellent rolling load and
           Class A flame spread rating make this a
           perfect choice for general office use.

      ●   Renovation Projects & New Construction
           The woodcore panel's flexibility and light
           weight make it an excellent option for
           retrofits as well as new construction.


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