The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Green Building Rating System

The US Green Building Council (USGBC)
has established the LEED program
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental
) as a system of criteria for
certifying the design, construction,
operation and certification of green
building internationally.

The LEED Program is rapidly expanding
recognition of high-performance construction.
This new and growing influence is affecting
change in building guidelines, and is leading
to market incentives for sustainable,
environmental methods.

There are four levels of LEED certification,
based on a credit system:

LEED Credit Categories


How ASM's ESW Can Help you
Achieve Certification

●   reduced energy costs

●   reusable interior components

●   recycled content of components

●   improved air flow and ventilation

●   improved interior air quality

●   improved conservancy through
     optimized HVAC

●   improved occupant thermal comfort

●   increase in use of natural daylight

●   flexibility promoting design innovation



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