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How does the Quick-Loc system address these common problems:

    • panel corners bend up as a load is applied by rolling carts, or situating
      equipment close to the panel corners.

    • panels sit on a flat head pedestal which cause panels to rock under
      loads, and causes the floor to squeak.

ASM had solved these problems with the invention of the Quick-Loc pedestal.

    • Quick positioning of panels is provided by locating corner tabs on Quick-Loc System pedestals that
       effectively interlock the floor grid and its supporting structure with the panels.

    • Tubes and studs are specifically designed to prevent pedestal head rotation.

    • Dual support of the panel ensures ultimate corner support.

Is your raised office floor groundable?

Yes - with ASM's positive metal-to-metal ground, the Ground-Fast Panel Bolt. ASM's new Ground-Fast Panel
Bolt ensures metal-to-metal grounding of the office floor panel to the understructure, dissipating static and
protecting against electrical faults.

How does ASM's Quick-Loc System enhance later stabiltiy?

The new ASM Quick-Loc system captures and locates the panel as it is placed on the pedestal. The
fasteners hold the panel down and clamp the panel to the pedestal. Because of the locating feature, the
pedestal provides lateral stability without the fasteners in place.

How do ASM's Quick-Loc pedestals provide ultimate support strength?

Raising the Bar on Quality
The ASM Quick-Loc pedestal is stamped and formed out of one piece of metal, making it incredibly strong.
It is then welded to a solid steel stud and finished with a premium gold-coat plated finish, traditionally used
in demanding automotive applications.


What finishing processes are integral to giving access floor understructure the characteristics and protective properties that contribute to the floor's overall performance?

ASM's superior finishes are effective and consistant, giving a bright and polished look with protective
properties. All ASM's parts are dipped in the corrosion-resistant finish after stamping and welding, to
protect welds and raw edges from rusting.

Is the sequence of processes significant in the manufacture of pedestal systems?

The sequence is critical: the dipping process completely protects welds and raw edges if it is done after
welding and stamping.

Is there a way to design an access floor for a set of unique criteria, particular to the sensitivities of a very specific set of conditions?

ASM can develop and supply custom understructure systems specific to any application.

ASM Panels

How are ASM panels protected from rust and corrosion?

Corrosion Resistant Process
The ASM FS and S-Series panels are first fully immersed in a corrosion resistant bath of phosphate to
protect inner and outer surfaces prior to applying the epoxy powder coat finish. Each panel is hand
polished to a bright clean luster.

How do you ensure panel flatness?

ASM is the only manufacturer to stamp the hollow panel one additional time after welding to ensure the
panel is flat after potential distortion during the welding process.

Is it the industry standard to advertise CISCA performance results only?

No - you must check tables and charts and make certain it is clearly noted that results represented are
according to CISCA test procedures. If there is no mention of CISCA, you can assume they are not by
CISCA standards.


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