ASM Data Center
Brochure (4.70 MB pdf)


ASM Raised Access Floor Systems: Data Center Advantages

    Here are just three of
    many features that
    deliver the strength and
    safety you need in your
    data center:

     Electrical Grounding: protect    
      your equipment and data

     Nickel Chrome Plating: eliminate
     the hazards of zinc whiskering

     High Strength: the industry's
     strongest understructure

             Electrical Grounding
                  Is your floor grounded? If there is electrical build-up
                  or a grounding problem on top of the floor, it can
                  cause major problems and shut down your system.

         ASM is the only manufacturer to
         comprehensively address this
         problem by incorporating a solid
         brass Positive Grounding Device
         (PGD) in every panel as
         standard equipment. A small
         detail solves a critical problem.


                   No zinc whiskers
                   ASM has extended cleanroom technology to the
                   data center by using nickel chrome plating on
                   critical parts.

                               ASM Modular Systems, Inc.

                 New High Strength Stringers

     ASM's unique new       Conventional
     solid tube design         U-shaped stringer



                              To speak with an access floor specialist,
                              please contact

                                         9500 Industrial Center Dr.
                                         Ladson, South Carolina 29456


The fastest growing raised access floor company in North America.

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