ASM Raised Access Floor System: AirFlow Panels

Keeping Your Servers Cool

Aluminum Accel-Air Grate AF500

ASM's Accel-Air die-cast aluminum air flow grate is our
latest addition.  With its 56% free open area, it is the best
air flow panel in the industry when it comes to moving air.
Made from high quality aluminum, it is available in a raw
casting or powder coated epoxy finish.  The Accel-Air
Grate is the best solution for creating "cold" aisles for
your server and equipment rooms to ensure no


Characteristics of AF500

●   Free open area of 56% allows for excellent
        air movement

●   The AF500 panel is built and sized for any
        floor system

●   Slide Damper System

asm 2

AF250 Steel Air Flow Panel

ASM’s AF250 perforated panel is part of a series of air flow panels, has a free area of 25% and comes with or without
mechanical dampers.

Characteristics of AF250

●   25% Open area for high volume air flow
●   Available in 24’ or 600mm size
●   Available with top-adjusting slide dampers
●   Completely interchangeable with FS Series
       and S-series panel systems
●   Fire rating of bare panel:
●   Class A Flame Spread
●   Non-Conbustible Materials

  Used in the following Applications

      ●   Data Center

      ●   Equipment Room

      ●   Computer Office

      ●   Industrial


  Links to More Information

      ●   AF-Series Product Details and Cut-Sheets



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