Plenum Integrity Guides


ASM Modular Systems, Inc. is proud to provide three of the best practices guides to aid in the proper design and construction of an underfloor air distribution (UFAD) system. Trade specific guides have been created for the Architect, General Contractor, and Commissioning Agent extracted from lessons learned through ASM ’s experience working on a wide range of UFAD projects. These guides will help to ensure the proper sealing and reduction of underfloor air leakage in an access floor air plenum. Furthermore, ASM believes a holistic approach to design and construction should be used and recommends regular consultation be held with key individuals on the construction team throughout the entire design process.



An Architect’s Guide
For Detailing & Specifying
Raised Access Floor Air Plenums

This guide is designed to help an architect designing a building with a
UFAD system, provide specifications and construction details to ensure
the plenum is constructed with proper sealing to reduce underfloor air leakage.

The Architect's Guide Provides:

  • Recommended steps to success

  • General Construction Specifications
  • Specification language for each division
  • Construction Sealing Details


    A General Contractor’s Guide
    For Constructing & Sealing
    Raised Access Floor Air Plenums

    The general contractor guide will aid in the coordination of subcontractors
    and provide methods to ensure they are informed of, and perform to the
    sealing requirements as described in the specifications and details provided
    by the architect. This guide will help you ensure every contractor working in
    the plenum space is aware of their responsibilities before they submit
    their bids or begin construction and that they are equipped with the
    information needed to successfully complete their work while maintaining
    plenum integrity and reducing underfloor air leakage.

    The General Contractor ’s Guide Provides:

  • Recommended steps to success
  • Recommended Construction sequence
  • Inspection Checklist



    Agent's Guide
    1 MB PDF

    A Commissioning Agent’s Guide
    For Inspecting & Testing
    Raised Access Floor Air Plenums

    This guide was created to provide commissioning agents with proper
    guidelines for the review, inspection, testing, and reporting of any plenum
    integrity sealing deficiencies that may result in underfloor air leakage. The
    recommendations contained within this guide are provided to help the
    commissioning agent perform the responsibilities required to ensure
    plenum integrity.

    The Commissioning Agent's Guide Provides:

  • Recommended steps to success
  • A plenum inspection Checklist

  • Definitions of types of air leakage

  • Air leakage test procedures

  • A sample test report


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