ASM Modular Systems, Inc.


ASM is the fastest growing raised access flooring company in North America.
ASM Modular Systems is part of the world's largest group of raised access
floor manufacturers. Our history is steeped in access floor manufacturing
experience, owned and operated by Kingspan Group plc., ASM is dedicated
to manufacturing the highest quality raised flooring product while providing
great customer service. ASM products undergo extensive testing and a
thorough quality control assurance program, all meant to ensure that our
customers receive the highest quality products available.

ASM has grown out of necessity: the necessity created by market demand
for high quality access flooring designed for the 21st century. As we grow
and expand to meet the needs of our customers, we continue to offer insurmountable customer service and quality assurance.

The ASM team looks forward to working with you!

ASM Modular Systems, Inc.

U.S. Green Building Council Member

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The fastest growing raised access floor company in North America.

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