ASM's Casino® Division line of products is specifically designed to address the inherent needs found within a casino. Through our patented, award-winning and industry-leading raised access flooring systems, accessibility to all critical lines of communication throughout the casino are right at hand. A whole new level of flexibility is gained, allowing for complete manipulation of environments, energy savings and a foundation on which your business can thrive. Our Casino® line of products will raise your level of business.

ASM is proud to announce a break-through in our steel panel design, allowing the creation of the first 3,000 lb cementitious filled welded steel panel. We have engineered the new FS-600 to support a 3,000 lb design load with rolling loads in excess of 2,500 lbs when tested per CISCA. Casinos now have an affordable option to address and manage the ever-increasing loads being placed on the flooring system.






The fastest growing raised access floor company in North America.

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